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Ghana - what's it like?

How far is it?

You can fly direct to Accra from London Heathrow or Amsterdam Schiphol in around 7 hours. From New York JFK the direct flight is around 10 hours. 

How hot is it?

Ghana doesn't have four seasons, just two, the rainy season which lasts from April to October and the dry season which lasts from November to March. Temperatures are roughly similar all year round at 28-32 degrees C. 

Is it safe?

Ghana is one of the more politically stable countries in West Africa. And the  people of Ghana are warm and friendly. They are polite, open and trusting — even with strangers. In Ghanaian society, it is traditional to take life at a relaxed pace and view time as a series of events rather than a matter of hours or minutes.

Most Ghanaians consider “let’s get to business” conversations rude. It is custom for Ghanaians to exchange pleasantries and ask about family before beginning business.

They greet one another, making an extra effort to greet older people. With the men, handshakes almost always accompany greetings.

What's the food like?

Typically a Ghanaian diet might include millet porridge for breakfast, fried plantain with red-red for lunch and jollof rice for supper. Vegetarian options are usually available, although most Ghanaians eat a variety of meat and fish products as well as offal. 

Visitors Wall

"I realize how after all these years of promoting Fairtrade I know so little about it! I had to come to Ghana to educate myself. It's been a marvelous experience meeting the Chief and Queen Mother and elders. Thank you for arranging!" Kathleen, Liverpool

Joanna Pollard with the black star of Ghana
Joanna Pollard with Nana Yaw Sarpomng I Chief of New Koforidua and the five sub chiefs of New Koforidua wearing tribal wrappers in the yard of the palace
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