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Happy Social Enterprise Day

Today is Social Enterprise Day - a moment to raise awareness of our pioneering business model and celebrate the more than 100,000 social enterprises in the UK working to benefit people and planet.

Social enterprises are businesses that trade for a social or environmental purpose. Like any other business, we look to make a profit, but it is what we do with that profit that sets us apart: reinvesting the majority to further our vital mission.

Since All's Fair started trading in 2005, we have put over £250,000 in the hands of fair trade artisans and more recently the tradespeople who have been renovating The Co-operative House in New Koforidua.

To mark Social Enterprise Day this year, we are offering 20% off all of our jewellery and accessories in our eBay for Change store. The programme was set up as a partnership between Social Enterprise UK and we're delighted to join over 200 of our fellow social enterprises selling products there to support our mission.

As part of the social enterprise community, we like to ‘buy social’ and support others in the sector – so we encourage you to do the same. With lots of us shopping for the festive season, why not look for presents with purpose?

Check out Social Enterprise UK’s Gift Guide and eBay shop, which features some of our fair trade friends as well as fantastic social enterprises whose impact is here in the UK. Even better you can get a 10% discount on anything in this shop until Sunday when you use code SOCENTDAY10.

Whether it’s creating jobs and opportunities for people on the margins, delivering people-powered public services or taking on the climate emergency, social enterprises are showing us that another way of doing business is possible – one that puts people and the planet first. We are proud to be part of this movement.

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