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It's Veganuary but what comes next? Fairbruary of course!

Veganuary is a really successful and important time of year where we think about the impact on the planet of what we choose to buy and eat. By choosing one or two extra vegan products in January - like delicious dark chocolate - we can reduce our carbon footprint.

But what comes next? How can we continue to support people and planet with the products we buy and eat? Fairburary gives us the opportunity to think about the people who grow and make our shopping and the theme for 2023 is "Let's Connect".

Image of teacher and children from the Tarkwa Breman school in Ghana with the textLet's Connect Fairbruary - Choose fair trade and change lives

We'll be sharing images and stories from some of the farmers, workers and artisans who we all rely on for the goods we love. So keep an eye on our social media throughout February, share the stories and add your own when you choose fair trade - using the hashtag #Fairbruary

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