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Just launched: our new eBay store

All's Fair was a fair trade retail brand for many years and we've always been convinced that buying and selling hand crafted or ethically farmed products at a fair price is the best way to eradicate global poverty.

The cocoa farmers we work with will be supported to diversify incomes through making chocolate, cosmetics and hand crafts to sell locally and to tourists who visit the Co-operative House.

So the opportunity to join the groundbreaking eBay for Change programme and raise funds to support the project was too good to pass up. We have a small range of fair trade craft and gift items, as well as Fairtrade chocolate made from the cocoa grown by our friends in New Koforidua.

eBay for Change is a fantastic opportunity for social enterprises like us who have pledged to dedicate 100% of our profits to our social mission. The more sales we make, the quicker we can achieve our goals of setting up and running a chocolate kitchen in the Co-operative House for local cocoa farmers and their families to use. eBay takes no fees or commission for the first year which means every penny you spend with us will go straight into the pot to build the workshop and train the trainers.

So if you're looking to support our work why not check out the items we have for sale - more will be added over time so please take this opportunity to send gifts that give back this Christmas.

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