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Fair Trade in Ghana

Travel through the verdant countryside of Ghana, through mountains, rainforests and lush farmland, national parks and sandy beaches. 

Ghana and Cocoa are intrinsically bound together so your visit to Ghana would not be complete without a stay at the Co-operative House at New Koforidua, Africa's first Fair Trade Town

Meet the Chief and elders and spend a day with a cocoa farmer

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Ghana - a gem on the Gulf of Guinea

Imagine yourself lying on a white sandy beach, warm ocean waves lapping at your toes as coconut palm trees wave gently in the breeze. Welcome to Ghana.

From bustling markets to beachside bars, from 400 year old castles to state of the art chocolate factories, Ghana will surprise, amaze and delight you.

Our tour takes you on a journey through the history of the global trading system, inviting you to contrast the entrepreneurial spirit of modern Ghanaians with the colonial history which we must never forget. 


Ghana has a vital place in global history - we will visit sites associated with the Transatlantic slave trade at Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Fort and Assin Manso - three places that tell the story of our ancestors. Whether your heritage is European, African or American - or a combination of all three - you will go away profoundly affected by the knowledge of what happened here, and determined to ensure it never happens again. 

But Ghana's position at the heart of global trade continues - over 70% of all the world's cocoa is grown in just two West African countries - Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. From the day Tetteh Quarshie planted the first cocoa tree in what was the the Gold Coast in 1879 cocoa and Ghana have been inextricably linked. 


All's Fair Tours is a social enterprise set up to support the incomes of cocoa farmers and their families. Our work in New Koforidua, Africa's first fair trade town, includes a plan to build a chocolate making workshop for the use of farmers and their children as well as tourists who come along on our tours.

100% of the profits from your booking (roughly 10% of the price) are dedicated to building the workshop and providing training to local people.  


We'll make sure you experience the best of Ghana, using local guides, experts and suppliers.

You will share the food, culture and lifestyle of Ghanaians, travelling through some of the world's most beautiful landscapes, and learning from Ghanaians about the history, geography and culture of this fascinating place.

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