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It's #Fairbruary

February is usually an important month in the Fairtrade calendar as we're gearing up to Fairtrade Fortnight - but this year is a very special year when we're celebrating the 30th birthday of the iconic Fairtrade mark - and that means Fairtrade Fortnight will be celebrated in September instead.

So with a nod to Veganuary which has just ended, for the last few years we've been looking to emphasise the wide range of different fair trade items available that you can buy. From deodorant to gin, shopping bags to rubber gloves you can make swaps in your everyday purchasing to support the farmers, workers and artisans around the world who grow and make the things we buy.

Fairbruary - swap just one or two items on your regular shopping list for fair trade alternatives - blue square with Fairtrade mark, WFTO logo, BAFTS logo

Along with our friends at BAFTS Fair Trade Network UK and fair trade campaigners around the country we'll be sharing our ideas for fair trade items you may find in your local supermarket, fair trade shop, zero waste shop or online.

So keep an eye on our social media over the next month and challenge yourself to make an even bigger difference every time you shop.

Look for the Fairtrade mark on wine, beer, spirits, fruit juice and snacks

  • You can buy Fairtrade wine from most UK supermarkets. The wine will come from vineyards in places like South Africa and Argentina. In fact all the South African wine you find in Co-op stores is Fairtrade

  • You can also find Fairtrade beer and spirits like gin and rum - you might have to search a bit harder for these but you can order them online from places like Ocado

  • Fairtrade fruit juice is available from Greggs (all their coffee, tea and chocolate is Fairtrade so this makes sense) and you may also be able to find it in supermarkets

  • Fairtrade nuts from Liberation and dried fruit and snack bars from Tropical Wholefoods complete your evening

  • You can find more great ideas at your local BAFTS fair trade shop

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